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4 key elements of a video with strategy.

A video is a great tool to efficiently communicate your ideas, projects, products, or services. Videos have become the most used and consumed format on digital platforms.


However, it's not enough to simply include all the necessary information in a video. To achieve successful communication, you must develop a well-thought-out strategy that incorporates key elements.

Here are 5 elements for creating a video with a solid strategy that can help you achieve your goals (but first, you must be clear about what your objectives are: to raise awareness, promote the benefits of your idea, product, or service, increase sales, or support a cause).

1. Find the central idea of your communication and express it clearly and simply.

For years, communication experts have emphasized the importance of a clear and simple message or central idea for effective and memorable communication. In today's age of information technologies, your communication competes with millions of messages produced and reproduced in the digital and traditional media world.

To ensure that your audience receives, understands, and remembers your message, make sure it is clear, concise, and can be expressed in a simple phrase. Find the essence of what you want to communicate and make it easy to understand and remember.

2. Provide concrete elements and reinforce your credibility with convincing details

Authors such as the Heath brothers have demonstrated how detailed information and concrete elements can help your audience understand, remember, and believe in your communication.

When your ideas or the benefits of your product or service are abstract or complex, search for concrete elements, provide descriptive and convincing details, and consider how elements of popular wisdom and culture can serve as a reference or comparison. Remember how fables work.

3. Emotionally connect with your audience

Effective communication always creates an emotional connection. Your audience will pay attention to you and remember your message if you address their heart and not just their head. Consider how your idea, project, product, or service relates to the emotional world of your audience.

What emotions can you generate that make your message important and memorable? This will be key for your communication to be effective.

4. Offer creativity: avoid clichés, break patterns, surprise with an unexpected element

Surprise and the unexpected always capture the audience's attention. In the midst of the ocean of messages, your communication is more likely to stand out and grab attention if it breaks the pattern and normality to which your audience is accustomed. You can innovate in many ways, exploring formats, designs, and different ways of narrating or explaining your ideas. To retain attention, you must first capture it.

If you have struggled to clarify and simplify your communication to arrive at a unique message or central idea, you probably realize that it is not always an easy task. The same can be said for the other four points we mentioned. Fortunately, we can help you define your goals and design a strategy so that your videos are part of your effective communication. Contact us and tell us about your idea or project. We will be happy to help you generate a good strategy and create effective and memorable videos.


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