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Video as a Strategy in Social Media

Video is the most widely used format on digital platforms.

Video is the most suitable format for reaching current consumers on social media, where it is also the most widely used. It has a greater impact than other formats, as it can evoke emotions, explain better, and generate behavior changes.

The audience finds video more accessible for understanding a brand or sector's messages, and it is easier to consume. This is why major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all investing in this type of content.

Video marketing is the future of strategic content on social media, and an ideal way to connect quickly, directly, and emotionally with new generations.

But What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the inclusion of videos in your content plan to help you more easily reach the objectives of your communication strategy. Videos are a format that allows for creating easily shareable content with different objectives for each social network.

Today, data shows that audiovisual content has a positive impact. According to the study by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), in Mexico, 40% of the total investment in digital advertising in 2017 was made in social media. The main social trends are:

Short Videos: Small Formats, Immediacy.

In most cases, a brief message that is clear and focused on the benefits of your project, product, or service is better.

Storytelling: Conveying Content Through Stories with an Immersive Narrative and Audiovisual Resources.

Let's not forget that video doesn't work the same on all social networks. Each network has a different audience with different tastes. For this reason, it is important to optimize and adapt the video to the audience of each social network.

There are different reasons why video marketing helps you efficiently achieve the objectives of your digital strategies. These are the main ones:

Native Video on Social Media

Every social network is investing in native videos on their platforms, allowing us to carry out more specific and segmented campaigns to reach our target audience more efficiently. (When a video is native, it means that it is a video that is uploaded directly to the platform, not through a link).

Video Connects Well with Users

The average user prefers to watch a video rather than read an article, easily connecting with current generations directly and emotionally.

Increases Engagement

As it is easy to consume content that speaks to new generations, it is much more likely that the user will share, comment, or react to this type of content. (Engagement means involvement).

At PCHStudio, we are experts in video marketing and we would be happy to help you include this useful tool in your communication strategies or content plans. Contact us and tell us about your idea or project!


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